Our Story

"Most people have been taught to think of sapphires as blue and only blue.
That's why Sorbet Sapphire exists; to change all that."

~ Justin Opert, Founder

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, which is considered by most professionals in the jewellery industry to be the gemstone capital of world. While both educational and enlightening, my trip soon became life-changing. It was at this juncture that I was first introduced to the corundum family (sapphire and ruby). Most individuals like myself had thought that the sapphire was naturally blue. In my limited knowledge, I believed that the blue sapphire was removed from the earth's core in its perfect blue hue. My preconceived notion was quickly shattered as I learned that in fact blue sapphires were almost always treated in some manner in order to produce its blue hue. More astonishing was that sapphires actually came out of the earth in a spectrum of colours and that those sapphires were in fact untreated but not nearly as well known as the blue (heated) sapphire.

How could it be that the untreated sapphire which came in a multitude of soft, pastel-looking colours were not appreciated worldwide for its unique rarity and natural beauty? How was it possible that a sapphire that needed to have its colour enhanced by man could essentially dominate the sapphire market while its lesser known sibling, the untreated sapphire, which was truly one of a kind and just as beautiful still remain hidden from the jewellery consumer and gemstone lover?

So many questions began to race through my mind to the point that the only way forward was to personally take it upon myself to introduce the untreated, coloured sapphire to the Canadian market. It is my hope that through education and first-hand access, both young and young at heart can view these natural treasures by simply walking into their local jewellery store. By introducing Sorbet Sapphire™, I am confident that the interest in and appreciation for the natural beauty and unique rarity of the untreated, coloured sapphire will only continue to grow.



When most of us think of a sapphire, what colour comes to mind? Most likely the answer is blue. Dating as far back as the Roman Empire, sapphires have been purchased for its blue hue.

What most of us do not know is that sapphires come in a spectrum of colours and not just blue. In fact, of all the sapphires available for purchase worldwide, only about 10% are naturally colored (untreated) whereas about 90% of all sapphires showcased in jewellery stores have been treated in some way (generally to enhance colour and clarity). Unless verified by certification, almost all blue sapphires available for purchase worldwide have been altered by treatments in order to attain its rich colour.



There is little doubt that the interest in and appreciation for untreated, coloured sapphires will continue to grow as knowledge and awareness of this truly unique gemstone increases. Through online and in-store education, Sorbet Sapphire™ will look to inspire both young and young at heart to appreciate natural beauty and true rarity.

It is with this very philosophy in mind that Sorbet Sapphire™ has set out on its journey to inspire the individuality in all of us. We all have our role to play and by sharing this new found knowledge with our family and friends, it is inevitable that a shift much greater than ourselves will begin. Years from today, we will look back and wonder how it was ever possible that we were simply unaware of the untreated, coloured sapphire’s existence and storied history. But until then, join the ‘Colour Revolution’ and be a catalyst for change.



Once individuals understand that the sapphire comes in a spectrum of colours and can be untreated, it becomes imperative that they be able to view this phenomenon in person by simply visiting their local jewellery store.

Sorbet Sapphire™ has therefore chosen to partner with a select group of jewellery stores and begin showcasing its unique collection of untreated, coloured sapphires. Each sapphire has been handpicked for its unique colour and natural beauty and has been made available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.