Identification and Appraisal

Sorbet Sapphire™ has partnered with your trusted jewellery retailer to provide you with a truly unique opportunity.

While you can have confidence that every Sorbet Sapphire™ is beautiful, rare, and untreated, authorized retailers are able to offer further assurance through a certified grading report. All our Sorbet Sapphires™ are graded by Harold Weinstein Ltd. Gemmological Laboratory in Toronto, Canada.

A Sorbet Sapphire™ Grading Report is an accurate assessment of your sapphire’s unique qualities: its color, carat weight, and confirmation that it is untreated. All Sorbet Sapphires™ are checked to ensure an accurate profile that is reliable and consistent.

For even further peace of mind, upon purchase of a sapphire from Sorbet Sapphire's™ Heritage Collection, we are happy to inscribe your sapphire with a unique identification number. The inscription would be placed on the girdle facet of the sapphire. The inscription would be invisible to the naked eye and further proof that each Sorbet Sapphire™ is beautiful, rare, and untreated.

Harold Weinstein Limited

Gemmological Laboratory

Harold Weinstein Ltd. (HWL) was founded in 1977 to serve the jewellery trade, the jewellery buying public, the legal profession, the insurance industry, banks and government agencies.

Harold Weinstein Ltd. provides gemmological and jewellery-dependent services, including gemstone evaluation and identification, jewellery appraisals, and diamond grading.

HWL is a company of associates, who are experienced, trained and professional appraisers of fine jewellery and gemstones. These associates are gemmologists certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and the Canadian Gemmological Association (FCGmA).

HWL enjoys an international reputation for gemmological expertise, careful, fair, reliable grading, and accurate assessments. This reputation was built on uncompromising adherence to ethical standards.


Accurate Gemological Laboratories Inc.

Established in 2005, Accurate Gemological Laboratories Inc. (AGL) is an independent gemological laboratory that offers professional, fair and accurate gemstone and jewelry appraisals. For over a decade, AGL has provided both the jewelry trade and retail consumers with the highest quality of service and reliable assessments.

As an independent laboratory that does not buy or sell jewelry, AGL has no vested interest in the item you own or intend to buy. AGL’s appraisers operate under the highest ethical standard and have a reputation for uncompromising integrity and quality.