August 02, 2018

Who said we don’t have choices?

Hey Gems,

Who says you have to be like everyone else when it comes to choosing your ideal jewellery piece?

We make different choices everyday… where to eat, what tv shows to watch, and who to enjoy these activities with. Our tastes and preferences influence the decisions we make. Then why do so many of us still allow society to dictate what piece of jewellery we should wear?

A couple weeks ago, a group of my sister’s friends were talking about engagement rings. One of the girls, ‘Abby’, went on to tell me that she has always wanted a sapphire engagement ring because she loved the idea of being different. She explained that it compliments her personal style and is less expensive for her boyfriend (so everybody wins). But when she went to her mom to ask for her opinion, she was quickly shut down and told that she would eventually regret getting something so different. Her mom told her that she was going to wear the ring for the rest of her life and that she should play it safe and go with a diamond. Her mother has always seen a diamond as a status symbol. Abby couldn’t help but wonder if her mom was from a different generation and therefore a different mindset. Now Abby is confused. She has all these questions going through her mind like “Am I completely wrong for wanting a sapphire?”, “Should I play it safe and go with the diamond like mom wants me to or should I stick with my gut and go with the sapphire I have always wanted?”.

After hearing this story, I am struck by an uncomfortable feeling. When it comes to something as personal as an engagement ring, no one should base their decisions on other people’s opinions. It should be based solely on what makes one happy and what is right for him or her.

When I come across an alternative engagement ring (non-diamond), I think how wonderful it is that this specific couple actually put thought into what their union represented to them. Also, (a little secret that you may want to know) sapphires won’t break the bank like a diamond will so choosing an untreated, coloured sapphire in the center of your engagement ring will allow you to select a bigger sapphire for your budget while creating a more eye-catching jewellery piece.

Don’t believe me, see some of these spectacular sapphires for yourself.

So, which one would you want? (I want all of them…HAHA)

In the past I think women had a fear of making a choice that differed from what might have been expected of them. They feared that being different could lead to being judged. Eventhough at some level that fear still remains today, the courageous words of Taylor Swift remind us to simply “shake it off”. It’s about time we stop listening to what others say we SHOULD do but rather listen to what we WANT to do.

Until next time,


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