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March 01, 2019

One of the happiest days to look forward to is when a you are ready to put a ring on your soul mate’s finger to symbolize your love for each other. For those who may have shared in this journey and followed along as a family member or close friend, there is a very good chance that the experience was both accelerating and fairly stressful.

Today I would like to share a few things on how to help make the journey of choosing and designing your ideal sapphire engagement ring an easy and memorable one. At the end of this read, I hope that you take away exactly what you need to make the right decision.


Before you get lost in the romanticism of the proposal itself, I think that it’s best we start by discussing budget. Money can be very delicate matter so it’s important to be practical especially when purchasing something as beautifully rare as an untreated, coloured sapphire. The first question to ask yourself is ‘how much can you actually afford to spend?’ It is important you decide on an amount that won’t break the bank, cause sleepless nights, or induce heart palpitations.

Unlike a diamond’s cost which is generally based off of a universal pricelist, the cost of an untreated, coloured sapphire has a lot to do with an overall connection to the sapphire itself. Remember that an untreated, coloured sapphire is one of a kind and that yours will symbolize the unique love that only you share with your partner. While it is true that the colour you like, the shape you prefer and the size you are after will affect the overall cost, this can always be tweaked if needed once you come across the sapphire of your dreams.

Blue Cushion Sapphire
Yellow Cushion Sapphire

If you take a look at the examples above, you will notice that the variables (colour, weight, shape and clarity) have affected how much each sapphire costs. An example can be seen when we compare the blue cushion that weighs 2.82ct and retails for approximately $7,000 Canadian dollars versus the yellow cushion that weighs 4.89ct and also retails for $7,000 Canadian dollars. In this particular case, colour has affected cost. Therefore, if you are open minded when selecting your sapphire, you might fall in love with an option that is not just truly magnificent but will also cost less money. Similarly, by selecting a particular colour, shape, weight, or clarity, you might land up spending more or less than you have anticipated.

Before we move onto selecting the colour of your sapphire, let’s take a quick moment to discuss the style of the ring. It is important to remember that the ring can always be modified at a later date. Additionally, your tastes may change over time and you might want to make adjustments to your ring down the road. So if you’re tight on a budget, it might be wise to keep to a simpler ring style and rather put most of your budget towards the sapphire itself considering it will remain with you forever.


Woohoo!!This is the fun part. I personally would have to say that picking the colour of a sapphire is definitely the highlight of it all. There are so many colours to choose from. When deciding on that perfect hue/saturation, it is always good to do some prior research in order to understand which colours might cost more and which will cost less. For instance, an untreated blue sapphire and untreated padparadscha (orange-pink) sapphire are quite rare and considered to be very valuable. Therefore, you can only imagine that the cost of these two colours will be considerably more than a near colourless, yellow, orange or green sapphire. Don’t forget that popular trends, market disrupters and even access to worldwide rough can increase the overall cost of certain colours. But generally speaking, the hue, saturation, number of inclusions, and luster of a sapphire as well as its origin all contribute to its overall cost.

To get a better sense of the spectrum of colours available to choose from, I suggest that you take a look at the Sorbet Sapphire website under the header ‘Sapphires’ to view the uniqueness of each colour that has been made available for you to pick from.

What is so great about having a spectrum of colours to select from especially when having to pick for that special someone in your life is that you are able to decide on a colour that relates to your loved one’s personality and individuality. Whichever colour you decide on, the sapphire will be completely unique to them and one of a kind.


It is important to understand that the distribution of colour in the rough material of a sapphire contributes tremendously to the shape that will be cut. Meaning, a cutter will make sure to inspect the rough and decide on a shape that will maintain as much colour as possible throughout the sapphire. For a better understanding of the process, please go to the Sorbet Sapphire website and click on the header ‘Understanding Sapphires’.

The one thing that all cutters make sure to do is attempt to ensure that the sapphire is as symmetrical as possible in order to capture the scintillation and overall luster of the stone. A finely cut sapphire will showcase richness of colour as well as more overall sparkle. Depending on the shape and how much weight is lost during the process of cutting, the cost of a sapphire can also increase. While not always the case, it is expected that a lighter-coloured sapphire will be cut deeper whereas a darker-looking sapphire will not be cut as deep.

Before moving on to ring styles, let’s take a moment to discuss the different shapes that you can choose from. While there are definitely more popular shapes such as Round & Cushion, there are also traditional shapes to pick from such as Oval and Octagon. There are also fancier cuts like Heart, Radiant, and Pear shape. In the end, you can be as unique as you like when deciding which shape to go for. Whatever you decide on, you should always think about the overall style of the setting and how best to compliment the shape you have chosen. In fact I can just about guarantee you that your partner has already done the homework and dropped a few hints your way in terms of which shapes she might be most interested in.


Unlike the sapphire itself, you can always modify the look of your ring by creating a new setting. While it might not be financially practical to keep switching the setting, at the end of the day you will always want the sapphire to be the focal point of your ring. The setting you choose should complement both the overall beauty and colour of the sapphire.

A way to ensure that the sapphire is the focal point of your ring is to go with a classic, more elegant design. Take a look at the solitaire design below for an example. There are generally no accent diamonds anywhere along the ring which allows the sapphire to stand beautifully on its own.

Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Ring


If you looking for something with more detail including accent diamonds along or around the ring then consider pavé or channel setting which are great options as they offer way more ‘va va voom’ effect. Take a look below to view a few styles.

Pavé Sapphire Engagement Ring
Channel Sapphire Engagement Ring
Channel Sapphire Engagement Ring


When making such an important purchase, it is always suggested to work with a reputable retailer who will provide you with not just a great looking jewellery piece but also top-quality service and ethical business practices. Always make sure to ask every question on your mind so that you feel 100% confident in the decisions you are making. If you are looking for retailers of the highest standard, Sorbet Sapphire is proud to partner with a select group of retailers that adhere to only the highest of standards. You will notice very quickly that when shopping at one of these retailers, there is a strong dedication to craftsmanship, overall beauty, education, and respect. Each Sorbet Sapphire retail partner will be providing you with a rare glimpse into the world of untreated, coloured sapphires that very few other retailers can offer you. Every sapphire has been handpicked and is truly rare which makes it unique regardless of its cost. By showcasing untreated, coloured sapphire, these retailers are also acknowledging that almost all sapphires are treated (up to 90%) and rather than choosing to keep that information from you, they would rather provide you with an honest experience from the very moment you walk into their stores.

Closing statement –

So with all that being said, no matter the colour, shape, style of setting, or your budget, the uniqueness of a sapphire engagement ring can no longer be denied. Trust me when I say that a woman loves it when something is hers and only hers. The beauty and rarity of an untreated, coloured sapphire can do just that. I wish you the best of luck on your journey as I trust the experience will be both memorable and yours alone!

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