Articles, advice and facts about sapphires.

Sorbet's Finest: Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design


We’d like to introduce you to Laura of Laura Tedesco Jewellery. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, known to many as ‘Steel City’ or ‘The Hammer’, Hamilton is certainly fortunate to include such a talented and admired jeweller in Laura. Not only is Laura making a name for herself through her spectacular jewellery designs, but she is also a highly respected member of her community.

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Jewellery: A nice to have or a need to have?


The desire for jewels like gold and gemstones originates from ancient cultures dating as far back as the Mesopotamian and Egyptians. Since then, jewellery has been an unavoidable part of human and societal development. The desire for jewellery cuts across culture, religion, time and space, class and even gender. So why is it that we desire and/or need jewellery?

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5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring


One of the happiest days to look forward to is when a you are ready to put a ring on your soul mate’s finger to symbolize your love for each other. I would like to share a few things on how to help make the journey of choosing and designing your ideal sapphire engagement ring an easy and memorable one.

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How to choose the most beautiful colour for your Sapphire


So I’m sure we can all agree that colours make the world go round. They are everywhere and are visible in pretty much everything. How we perceive colour and understand it in our everyday life can differ quite a bit. Once introduced to the beautiful world of sapphires, you learn very quickly that there are so many amazing options to choose from. This got me thinking…with all these choices, how do you decide on a colour?

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Something more beautiful than a diamond?


Who says you have to be like everyone else when it comes to choosing your ideal jewellery piece?

We make different choices everyday… where to eat, what tv shows to watch, and who to enjoy these activities with. Our tastes and preferences influence the decisions we make. Then why do so many of us still allow society to dictate what piece of jewellery we should wear?

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Who said it has to be a Diamond Engagement Ring?


The immortalized Marilyn Monroe once sang, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I can only imagine how this line gets a lot of us thinking, “Is that true? Do women desire diamonds because they truly love the gemstone or is it somehow ingrained into our minds as a societal expectation?”

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Where does the blue sapphire come from?


Do you know that sapphires come in a spectrum of untreated colours? Did you also know that very few of us actually knew that coloured sapphires existed altogether?

I think that it might be time that you and I address the truth behind this misconception.

When asked what colour a sapphire is, your initial answer would probably be blue. Am I right? Well, you’re not alone. If you typed ‘sapphire’ into Google (which I did), Google will show blue, blue, and even more blue sapphires. Thanks to Google and the Internet in general, our perception of a sapphire continues to remain somewhat skewed.

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What do we really know about Sapphires?


Do you think a sapphire’s TRUE colour is blue? Do you think that a sapphire’s ONLY colour is blue?

My name is Rachel and this summer I am fortunate enough to be interning at Sorbet SapphireTM, a proudly Canadian company, focused on exploring the truth and natural beauty behind the beautiful variety of untreated, coloured sapphires . Although many us may not know much about sapphires, I am certainly eager to accompany you on a journey to learn and better understand this gemstone.

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